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Note SGI told the world in March 2006 that they had killed their graphics division which included OpenGl Performer and laid off all the graphics and Performer employee's, At this time the future of Performer with SGI is dead, whether they try to sell Performer or open source it remians to be seen

A very sad month, an old friend has gone and left use :(,

OpenGL Performer™ is a powerful and comprehensive programming interface for developers creating real-time visual simulation and other performance-oriented 3D graphics applications. It simplifies development of complex applications used for visual simulation, manufacturing, simulation-based design, virtual reality, scientific visualization, interactive entertainment, broadcast video, architectural walk-through, and computer-aided design.

OpenGL Performer provides the advanced features and innovative techniques that enable you to achieve peak performance and make optimal use of system capabilities and sophisticated 3D graphics features. It gives you the capability to scale easily to multiple processors and multiple graphics pipelines, deploy to a wide range of systems and price points, and be ready-made for the graphics systems of today and the future.

OpenGL Performer is built atop the industry standard OpenGL® graphics library and, includes both ANSI C and C++ bindings. It forms the foundation of a powerful suite of tools and features for creating applications on all Silicon Graphics® systems running IRIX® 6.5 or later, 32-bit Intel® based systems with Linux®, and 32-bit Intel based systems with Microsoft® Windows® 2000 or Windows® XP.

OpenGL Performer is an integral part of the SGI® Onyx® Series visualization systems and visual workstation simulation solutions from SGI and, in particular, provides interfaces to the advanced features of InfiniteReality® and UltimateVision™ class graphics. OpenGL Performer is the flexible, intuitive, toolkit-based solution for developers who want to optimize performance on SGI systems.







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    1. How to count the pfNode Types in a pfNode's sub-tree
    2. How to Toggle a pfSwitch on and off
    3. How to set the current visible node for a pfSwitch
    4. How to restructure a pfSwitch node to remove the Multigen Switch mask
    5. How to Cycle through pfSwitch nodes or Switch masks
    6. Find named DCS/Dof Node in sub-tree








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