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    Vega Prime is MultiGen-Paradigm's Vega replacement software  for the creation, development and deployment of 3d Real-time Visual and Audio Simulation  including :Sensor, Virtual-Reality, Urban, High-Flight, Medium-Flight, Low Level and Ground warfare  and general visualization applications





dia_bluve.gifdia_bluve.gif  What is VegaPrimetop

    Vega Prime in MultiGen's new premier 3d Simulation Tool, a flexible, extensible COTS tool this is available for the creation and deployment of visual simulation, urban simulation, and general visualization applications.

    Bringing a powerful combination of advanced functionality and ease of use, Vega Prime provides the infrastructure needed to rapidly develop and deploy accurate, real-time 3D software applications.

    Vega Prime derives its power from a range of highly advanced features, allowing the user to meet the precise requirements of today's most complex applications. At the same time, Vega Prime integrates features to offer the ease of use to help meet real world productivity demands.

    Vega Prime provides on of the most complete environment for 3D application development including; Multi-platform, with support for Windows, Linux and Irix Operating Environment allowing the need to only develop an application once to deploy on multiple platforms

    Continues to Provide a unique GUI configuration tool in LynX Prime, which is an extensible, cross-platform GUI configuration tool that enhances the rapid creation, modification, and configuration of Vega Prime application development. Lynx Prime make use of XML based data interchange format.

    Vega Prime was designed to be highly customizable, Vega Prime allows the user to tailor an application to fit many designs. The use can also develop their own modules, integrate their own code, and derive their own custom classes for optimal productivity and code reuse.

    Vega Prime provides high level abstractions for general application functionality too enable the use to be productive immediately, right out of the box.

    Vega Prime provides support for MetaFlight, MetaFlight is MultiGen-Paradigm's XML-based file specification and description format, enables runtime and database applications to understand the organization of both complex and simple databases.

dia_bluve.gif 2 dia_bluve.gif Where is Vega Prime Installedtop


    The Environment variable MPI_LOCATE_VEGA_PRIME should point to the root directory were Vega Prime has been installed


    On Windows the default is normally

       C:\Program Files\MultiGen-Paradigm


    On Linux the default is normally



    On Irix the default is normally



    Binary files such as ( .dll, .exe,  ) are installed to



    Lib files such as ( .lib, .so, .a ) are installed to




    Include files are installed to







    Documents, User Guides, Help files etc are installed to



    Resources, models, textures, Samples, Example code files are installed to



dia_bluve.gif 3 dia_bluve.gif What Environment Variables does Vega Prime Usetop

    Vega Prime uses the following environment variables


    MPI_LOCATE_VEGA_PRIME  the root location of where Vega Prime has been installed

    MPI_INSTALL_RESOURCE_DEFAULT the root location where Vega will look for the Resources directory

    MPI_INSTALL_DEFAULT same as MPI_LOCATE_VEGA_PRIME but default for all MPI products, you should useMPI_LOCATE_VEGA_PRIME


dia_bluve.gifdia_bluve.gif  Can I use Vega with Vega Prime on the Same Machinetop


    Yes you can install and use Vega and Vega Prime on the same machine, these products are independent of each other


dia_bluve.gifdia_bluve.gif  How do I port My Vega Code to Vega Primertop

    Unfortunately there is no easy answer on how to Port you Vega applications to Vega Prime  

    Vega Prime in one sense is very similar to Vega and you will see very similar names and terminology

    There is logical mappings of Vega types to Vega Prime Classes

    vgWindow - vpWindow

    vgChannel - vpChannel

    vgObject - vpObject


    But the main issue is the while Vega was written in C++ it only provided a C interface and Vega Prime is provided only with C++ interface and function call  are different, there are many more in Vega Prime and some mapping and naming conversion are different etc.

    So many things you have written at the top level of Vega should port relatively straight forward to Vega Prime, as long as you look at the docs, headers and samples etc.


dia_bluve.gif 6 dia_bluve.gif Are there any Tools to Help Port Vega to Vega Primetop


    Basically no there are no tools to help you port from Vega to Vega Prime.

    While they both share many concepts and class names, the differences between Vega's C based API and Vega Prime's C++ interface are too great to be able to provide porting tools or scripts

    The one tool that is provide is with the vpPathing Module and that has a command line tool to will read the old Vega Navigator and Path files and create simple Vega Prime equivalents


dia_bluve.gifdia_bluve.gif  Can I use Visual Studio 7.x with Vega prime 1.XXtop


    Overall the answer is no you cannot use Vega Prime 1.2x with MicroSofts Visual studio 7.1 or above. Vega Prime 1.xx was built with Visual Studio 6.0 and you STL PORT. This causes lots of problems when trying to compile with 7.1.

    Having said no, some people have managed to compile and run Vega Prime 1.22 with Visual Studio 7.1,  so it may work it all depend on what bits and pieces of Vega Prime you using, if your using a lot of the STL interface as opposed to the older deprecated get methods it probably will not compile


dia_bluve.gif 8 dia_bluve.gif  What is Lynx Primetop

    LynX Prime is the graphical user interface for defining, editing, and previewing Vega Prime applications, LynX Prime builds on the functionality originally found in the original Vega Lynx

    LynX Prime is XML based application providing an extensible point and click graphical user interface that increases productivity by enabling changes to changes to:

    application functionality, visual channels, multi-CPU allocation, eye-points, observers, special effects, time of day, system configuration, models, databases, and more at the point of application deployment.

    Access to 'Active Preview' also allows many settings to be modified, and previewed instantly, without re-starting of the application. LynX supports end-user reconfigurability of delivered systems for non-programmers.

dia_bluve.gif 9 dia_bluve.gif What is an ACF File top

    LynX Prime is an editor for Application Configuration Files (ACF's) which use XML to store the configuration data.

    An ACF contains all the information that a Vega Prime application needs at application initialisation time as well as information to be used during runtime.

    A single Vega Prime executable is capable of producing a variety of simulations by interpreting different ACF's. As with any editor, you may create, view, modify, and save these files.

    From LynX Prime you can launch an application that uses an ACF to preview the results before saving the configuration for later use.

dia_bluve.gif 10 dia_bluve.gif  Can I use my Vega ADF's in Vega Primetop

    Unfortunately the short answer is no you cannot use old Vega ADF files in Lynx Prime

    The long answer is no you cannot use old Vega ADF files in Lynx Prime ;), there is simply just to much difference between Vega and Vega prime to make this possible.

dia_bluve.gif 11 dia_bluve.gif  Can I have Vega Prime 1.2x and Vega Prime 2.0 on the Same machinetop

    Out the Box no you cannot have Vega Prime 1.2x and 2.x installed on the same machine, The Vega Prime install will not allow you to install if it detects a previous version installed.

    You could probably have the 2 versions installed with a bit of work and messing around.

    You would have to do something along the lines of:

    • Copy the Vega 1.2x directories to new directory,
    • Uninstall Vega Prime 1.2x
    • Install Vega Prime 2.x

    Then you will need to change the Environment variables to point to which version you are using



dia_bluve.gif 12 dia_bluve.gif Does Vega Prime have Navigators and Pathstop        

    As of Vega Prime 1.2 yes Vega Prime has a Pathing module, with the equivalent of Navigator and Paths etc.

    The Navigator and Pathing has been completely re-designed and re-written and is extremely more functional and powerfully  and use a less resources than the old Vega pathing

    The new vpPathing module is part of the base product and is fully coordinate system aware including round earth

dia_bluve.gif 13 dia_bluve.gif Where is the path Tool in Vega prime 1.x top

    The Vega Prime Path tool was released with Vega Prime 1.21, it is currently only available on Windows version for Vega Prime 

    The path tool like Pathing Module has been completely re-written and re- designed, the Path tool can be access from the Tools menu in Lynx Prime

    Currently there is no path tool for Linux or Irix, so you have to create Navigator etc through code for those platforms

dia_bluve.gif 14 dia_bluve.gif Where is the Object Editortop

    Unfortunately currently there is not Object Editor in Vega Prime 1.x or 2.x

    If you need to change the properties of a 3d database then you will need to used a modeling package such as Creator or Geo Pro

    Go Shout at MPI if you need a Object editor, if the get enough shouts they may consider an Object editor for Vega Prime at some point


dia_bluve.gif 15 dia_bluve.gif  What is MetaFlighttop

    MetaFlight is a formal database description specification.  MetaFlight describes the structure, organization, file naming and coordinate systems of all the dataset's that comprise a single more complex database.

    MetaFlight provides the bridge between database generation tools and runtime applications. MetaFlight simplifies data integration and optimizes real-time-paging efficiency by communicating the metadata that enables runtime applications to take advantage of the database structure. MetaFlight aims to provide:


      • High-level description of visual databases
      • Provides a concise and consistent publishing format
      • Extends OpenFlight data-model to include higher-order objects
      • "Database" objects identify version and ownership information
      • "Dataset" objects partition database into thematic layers
      • "GridStack" objects describe database tiles as a multi-layer system of grid cells
      • "Filename Pattern" objects can describe dataset's containing thousands of files
      • "Coverage" objects define geo-location of dataset's
      • "Coordinate System" objects describe complete coordinate information about all files in a dataset
      • XML-compliant


dia_bluve.gif 16 dia_bluve.gif What applications Support MetaFlighttop


    MultiGen Paradigms's Creator Terrain Studio (CTS) is the main producer of MetaFlight, along with several tools that support MetaFlight Directly

    VegaPrime is the main consumer of MetaFlight files, along with Vega Prime Module LADBM ( Large Area Database Management)the

    The Blueberry 3d Module for Vega Prime also supports MetaFlight.


dia_bluve.gif 17 dia_bluve.gif Are there Any Other Products that Support MetaFlighttop


    At the time of writing this FAQ only MPI products and Vega Prime Modules offer support for MetaFlight.


dia_bluve.gif 18 dia_bluve.gif  Does Vega Prime Support Shaderstop

    Yes as of Vega Prime 1.2x Shaders have been directly supported by Vega Prime.

    At present Vega Prime 1.2x and 2.0 on supports only Nvidia's CG shader language directly.

    Support for GLSL shaders should be forth coming in a Minor release.


dia_bluve.gif 19 dia_bluve.gif Where are the Shader Examples/Samplestop

    Samples are typically installed to $(MPI_LOCATE_VEGA_PRIME)\resources\<Product Name>\...

    In Vega Prime 1.2x the shader examples can be found in $(MPI_LOCATE_VEGA_PRIME)\resources\vsg

    In Vega Prime 2.0 the samples are nolonger shipped with the product. MPI now only provides shader examples via their support department and you need to contact them directly

dia_bluve.gif 20 dia_bluve.gif Where have the Samples gone in Vega Prime 2.0top

    You may have noticed that some of the samples there were provided with Vega Prime 1.2x distribution are not in the Vega Prime 2.0 distribution.

    MPI have removed several examples programs from the Distribution and made them only available through the MPI support department. This means that you have to have a maintenance contract to get access to the samples. Plus you have to figure out if there is an example that may do what your asking.

    The removal of samples from the distribution is a little disturbing especially when your paying several thousands of dollars for the product in the first place.


dia_bluve.gif 21 dia_bluve.gif  Do I Need a new License for Vega Prime 2.xtop

    If you are upgrading from a previous version of Vega Prime then yes you will need a obtain a new license for Vega Prime 2.0 from MPI.

    MPI has updated the license mechanism for Vega Prime to use the FLEXlmCRO license mechanism and thus your old 1.2 license will no work with the new license manager


dia_bluve.gif 22 dia_bluve.gif  Can I have Vega Prime 1.2x and 2.0 license Mangers Installedtop

    Yes you can have both the Vega Prime 1.2x License manager installed and the new Vega Prime 2.0 manager. They are different programs and resources.

    Note, you have to work a little to have Vega Prime 1.2x and Vega Prime 2.0 installed on the same machine, See FAQ 11


dia_bluve.gif 23 dia_bluve.gif  How do I get a New License for Vega Prime 2.0top

    You must contact MPI directly to obtain a license for Vega Prime. U can use the following procedure to request a permanent license from MPI:

    • On Windows, choose Start >Programs > MultiGen-Paradigm > MPI License Tools > License Tool.
    • In the Select Operation panel, select Get Host Information.
    • Click Next to display the Get Host Information panel.  The panel will displays the Host ID information that is used for your license request.
    • You can copy all of the Host ID information in this panel, or click Save As to save the information in a text file. Send this information in an email to

      MultiGen-Paradigm at: : with :

    • The Host ID information
    • The license type: node-locked or floating
    • Your Customer ID number (found on your Vega Prime CD sleeve)


dia_bluve.gif 24 dia_bluve.gif Must I have Admin Writes to install Vega Primetop

    To install Vega Prime you will need to have Administrator rights when installing Vega Prime. The License manager need to access resources that requires administrator rights.

    Once Vega Prime has been installed you can develop and run with normal User rights.

    Note to get the best performance you should run you application on Windows with Vega


dia_bluve.gif 25 dia_bluve.gif Will my Vega Prime 1.2x Code work in Vega Prime 2.0top

    For the most part your Vega Prime 1.2x should compile OK with Vega Prime 2.0.

    Make sure you follow the installation instructions and note that on windows you have to use Visual Studio 7.1 or later, you cannot use Visual studio 6.x with Vega Prime 2.0

    See the Upgrade PDF supplied with Vega Prime 2.0 Vega_Prime_Upgrade_Handbook.pdf


dia_bluve.gif 26 dia_bluve.gif  What's New in Vega Prime 2.0top

    Vega Prime 2.0 added the following new modules:


    • vpAudio an OpenAL based 3D audio module
    • vpDebug a module that provides API and GUI tools to output and view the Vega Scene Graph content
    • vpOverlay  provides 2D image, text, and line strip overlay symbols
    • vpShadow  provides planar based shadows
    • vpStat provides statistics gathering and viewing fucntionality
    • LynX Prime added:

    • Undo and Redo functionality
    • a Frame Rate Control wizard.  This wizard helps you to configure frame rate control options
    • vpFileIOMgr (file I/O manager).  The user can control the amount of file I/O through LynX Prime.
    • Object Panel
    • Geometry configuration tab.  The new options include:
      • loader options
      • builder options
      • geometry options
      • post load options
      • texture subloading control
    • LOD control
    • Channel Panel
      • State sorting options (primary and secondary)
      • Stress management 
      • transparency options (depth or off).
    • Vega Prime  Added:

    • vpRecyclingService which gives a user more control over the deletion of the scene graph nodes that are put into the recycle bin.  The service introduces two control mechanisms over the process of node destruction: the (maximum) recycle time and whether to perform node destruction in a separate thread.

    • vpObject:
      • The default value of the Compatibility Mode Loader attribute has been changed from TRUE to FALSE.  This change will affect the rendering of most legacy databases and models.  If your database or model was originally built for deployment on Vega, VegaNT, or Performer, then you may want to enable this flag for all vpObjects that use legacy databases or models.
      •  Enhanced texture subloading control.
    • vpEnv Added
      • Increased environment control.
      • Added visibility (i.e. fog) type and corresponding ranges
      •  additional illumination parameters
      • local viewer: use local or infinite viewer for specular calculations
      • two sided lighting: correct illumination of back facing polygons (flips normals)
      • dominant celestial: only dominant celestial will illuminate the scene
      •  Exposed light color scale in LynX Prime
      • vpEnvSun/vpEnvMoon
      • Texture blend mode and color
      • Exposed geometry enable in LynX Prime
      • Exposed visibility scale and horizon parameters in LynX Prime

    • vpEnvSkyDome
      • Texture blend mode and color
      • Exposed ground enable in LynX Prime
      •  Exposed visibility scales in LynX Prime
    • vpEnvCloudLayer
      • Added texture blend mode and color
      • Added horizon color scale: cloud layers now pick up horizon glow
      •  Exposed visibility scale in LynX Prime
    • ·      Added vpEnvStars
      • Contains data for over 3000 stars
      •  Intensity threshold specifies how many of the stars to use
      •  Brightness threshold specifies the brightness when stars should appear / disappear
    •  vpEnvCloudVolume
      • Pseudo-volumetric cloud with billboarded puffs
      • Cloud defined within a box
      • Various parameters to effect cloud generation
      • Additive LODs
      • Rain shaft
      • Intra-cloud and bolt lightning
      • Is a positionable
    • vpEnvWind
      • 3 wind effects each with a speed and 3D direction vector.
      • The vpEnv::getWind() allows you to query wind speed and direction at a given position. 
      • vpFx's can beeffected by environment wind.
      • vpEnvWind– generic global wind
      • vpEnvWindLayer– wind defined between two elevation planes
      •  vpEnvWindVolume – wind defined within a box (is a vpPositionable)
    • vpEnvRainand vpEnvSnow
      • Simulate a screen-space effect with particles that occupy space in the world.
    • vpLADBM Added
    • Improved tile paging performance
    •  Added interface to vpLADBMPagingStrategy so that each dataset can have its own paging queue (thread).
      • vpMotion Added
    • vpMotionTetherFix motion model
    • vpMotionTetherFollow motion model
    • vpMotionTetherSpin motion model


dia_bluve.gif 27 dia_bluve.gif Should  I Upgrade to Vega Prime 2.0top

    Simple answer is Yes

    Vega Prime 2.0 has had many improvements and bug fixes over Vega Prime 1.x. Its certainly a lot faster than Vega 1.x and has many new features and modules.

    On Window Vega Prime 2.0 supports the latest Microsoft compiler, which is good...


dia_bluve.gif 28 dia_bluve.gif  What Operating System Does VegaPrime 2.0 Supporttop

    Vega Prime 2.0 is available on :

    • Microsoft Windows XP Pro,
    • Linux (Redhat)
    • SGI Irix


dia_bluve.gif 29 dia_bluve.gif What are the Minimum Requirements to Run VegaPrime 2.0top


    MicroSofts Windows

    • Windows workstation, 1.0 GHz
    • 1 GB RAM
    • 4 GB hard disk space
    • CD Rom drive
    • OpenGL 1.2 compliant graphics card
    • Windows XP Professional
    • Visual C++ 7.1

    SGI Irix

    • Onyx3, Onyx2, Octane2 (SGI® Onyx4 not supported)
    • 1 GB RAM
    • 4 GB hard disk space
    • CD ROM drive
    • IRIX 6.5
    • MIPSpro 7.3.1 C++ compiler


    • Linux Workstation
    • Red Hat Enterprise 3.0
    • 512 MB RAM
    • 1 GB hard drive
    • OpenGL 1.2 compliant graphics card
    • 64 MB Texture memory
    • gcc 3.2 compiler


dia_bluve.gif 30 dia_bluve.gif  What Add-on Modules are Available for Vega Prime 2.0top

    Currently Vega Prime 2.0 has the following Add-on modules available, which are at extra cost to the base product:

    • Distributed Rendering
    • Vega Prime FX
    • LADBM
    • Light Lobes
    • Marine
    • IR Scene
    • IR Sensor
    • Vega Prime Radar
    • Texture Material Mapper


dia_bluve.gif 31 dia_bluve.gif What 3rd Pary Add-ons are Available for Vega Prime 2.0top

    MPI Currently have the following Add Modules available for Vega Prime 2.0 ( As of June 05, some of these have not been released yet for VegaPrime 2.0, check with MPI for when thet will be released)

    • BlueBerry 3d
    • DI-Guy for Vega Prime
    • DIS/HLA for Vega Prime
    • GL Studio for Vega Prime
    • Immersive for Vega Prime
    • Vortex for Vega Prime


dia_bluve.gif 32 dia_bluve.gif  What is Flight IGtop

    FlightIG is MultiGen-Paradigm's outstanding and industry leading Image Generation(IG) application which has been updated to work with Vega Prime, and is optimized for fast jet and helicopter flight simulation using complex geo-specific databases.

    MultiGen-Paradigm's FlightIG is more than an advanced application through it is a complete turn key solution of Software, Hardware, support, customer engineering and complex geo-specific database generation

    See the MultiGen-Paradigm's FlightIG page as part of the Visual Simulation services

dia_bluve.gif 33 dia_bluve.gif What are VSB filestop


    VSB (Vega Scene-Graph Binary), is an optimized extensible format for loading data into the runtime. Basically vsb files contain a complete binary image of the graph from an arbitrary "root" node.

    VSB files typically load 10x to 100x times faster than the native modeling formats such as .obj, .3ds, .flt etc..

    VSB (like the Vega Scene Graph) can be easily extended to include derived nodes and structures, and provides the means for incorporating custom encryption schemes to protect intellectual property. VSB files can also be streamed via sockets (TCP or UDP), read in from memory or from disk.

dia_bluve.gif 34 dia_bluve.gif  How Can I Generate VSB Files top

    VSB files can be created in a variety of ways including: 

    • Through the VSB Generation Utility to_vsb
    • Using Creator Terrain Studio
    • Through the API of the Vega Scene Graph


dia_bluve.gif 35 dia_bluve.gif Can I use FST Files with Vega Primetop

    Uhmm well NO.

    FST files are the native binary format of Vega and thus are not compatible with Vega Prime.

    You will need to Generate equivalent binary format for Vega Prime, VSB files from your original source models


dia_bluve.gif 36 dia_bluve.gif  Can I use PFB file With Vega Primetop

    Nope, you cannot

    PFB files are the native binary format of SGI's OpenGl Performer and thus are not compatible with Vega Prime.

    You will need to Generate equivalent binary format for Vega Prime, VSB files from your original source models.

    Another approach if you have the Performer Libraries available would be to write a loader, OSG uses this method to load PFB files.


dia_bluve.gif 37 dia_bluve.gif Should I keep my original files after converting to "VSB"top

    Absolutely yes you MUST MUST MUST keep your original model sources files that you used to create your "VSB"  files with

    Due to the binary nature of the "VSB", they  can easily be come none compatible with newer versions of Vega Prime and thus requiring for the "VSB" files to be re-generated


dia_bluve.gif 38 dia_bluve.gif Are "VBS" files forwards compatibletop


    Not really, the VSB files maybe compatiable among minor revisions of Vega Prime.

    But due to the binary nature of the "VSB", they  can easily be come none compatible with newer versions of Vega Prime and thus requiring for the "VSB" files to be re-generated 

    So keep your orignal source files safe.....


dia_bluve.gif 39 dia_bluve.gif  How do I use TO_VSB top

    to_vsb can be invoked as a commnad line tool or with a GUI. (For GUI instructions see the documentation with Vega Prime).

    to_vsb [ <INPUT file or directory> [<OUTPUT file>]] | [-it] [-ct] [-cm] [-f] [-c] [-clp] [-cn] [-og] [-pq] [-p <SEARCH PATH>] [-o <OUTPUT FILE>] [-do <DEBUG OUTPUT FILE>] [-n <NOTIFY_LEVEL>] [-noconsole]


      -it  : inline textures


      -ct  : compress textures


      -cm  : disable compatibility mode


      -f  : disable perform flatten traversal


      -c  : disable perform clean traversal


      -clp  : disable combine light points


      -cn  : disable compute normals


      -og  : disable optimize geometry


      -p  : use specified search path


      -o  : generate specified output file


      -do : use specified output file for debug output


      -n  : use specified notification level, i.e. LEVEL_DEBUG


      -noconsole   : suppress console debug output



dia_bluve.gif 40 dia_bluve.gif What are DDS Texturestop

    The Direct Draw Surface (DDS) format is an optimized, compressed format that contains the binary representation of an image, as it is used by the hardware.  

    Any image format supported by Vega Prime can be converted to DDS as an interim step for increased performance.  

    The graphics hard ware handles DDS textures directly, which mean no decompression is needed by the texture loader. This means that when using DDS  textures loading is faster,  throughput is increased, while on disk storage requirements are decreased,  more textures or higher quality texture can be used etc.


dia_bluve.gif 41 dia_bluve.gif  Should I use DDS Texturestop

    Generally I would say yes you should use DDS textures if possible and you hardware supports the format.( Most cards today do 2004+)

    By using DDS format textures you gain from faster loading and less memory consumption.


dia_bluve.gif 42 dia_bluve.gif  How do I Convert Texture to the DDS Formattop

    Vega Prime provides a utility program to_dds to convert textures to the DDS format. The program can be invoked as a command line tool or with a GUI (For GUI instructions see the documentation with Vega Prime).

    to_dds [<INPUT file or directory>] | [-m] [-a] [-i] [-o <OUTPUT FILE>] [-p <SEARCH PATH>] [-do <DEBUG OUTPUT FILE>] [-n <NOTIFY_LEVEL>]

      -m  : generate and compress mipmaps

      -a  : override RGBA as RGB (e.g. 5551 -> Compressed RGB)

      -o  : generate specified output file

      -p  : use specified search path

      -do : use specified output file for debug output

      -n  : use specified notification level, i.e. LEVEL_DEBUG

      -i  : invert (flip) the image when saving it to disk


dia_bluve.gif 43 dia_bluve.gif Why do my DDS Textures look Invertedtop


    What you are seeing is not a bug but is correct for  DDS (Direct Draw Surface) textures and depends on how you generated them.

    As DDS was designed by Microsoft and thus originally intended for Direct X, which has its origin in the upper left corner, while OpenGL  has its origin in the lower left corner.

    Basically you need to tell your DDS generation tool to invert the image,many tools can do this some don't

    You can use the Vega Prime utility program to_dds to do the inversion for you using the '-i' command line switch


dia_bluve.gif 44 dia_bluve.gif Are the other DDS tools Availabletop


    There are many DDS utilities and tools available these days, a quick Google search should find you many of this quite quickly

    Nvidia provide several DDS tools including source code( See their developer site)

    Nvidia's DDS tools can be found here


dia_bluve.gif 45 dia_bluve.gif Can I use MFC with Vega Prime: top


    Yes you can use MFC with Vega Prime.

    A sample was shipped with Vega Prime 1.x in (MPI_LOCATE_VEGA_PRIME)\resources\samples\vegaprime\vp\vp_mfc

    But in Vega Prime 2.0 the sample is no longer shipped with the products and you will have to contact MPI support and ask for the specific sample

dia_bluve.gif 46 dia_bluve.gif Can I use QT with Vega Primetop

    Yes you can use QT with Vega Prime, unfortunately MPI does not ship a code sample that shows how to use QT GUI frame work.

    I don't believe  MPI support currently that has a sample Vega Prime available, they may have a VSG based sample, again that used to ship with Vega Prime 1.x


dia_bluve.gif 47 dia_bluve.gif Can I use Vega Primer In ActiveX Containertop


    Yes, yep I did say YES.

    Unlike old Vega Classic, Vega Prime can be used with-in a container such as an Active X control or .Net Form etc.

    A little care is needed to ensure that Vega Prime is shutdown correctly.

    Unfortunately no sample is shipped with Vega Prime. It is possible that MPI Support may have a sample, and they might not.

dia_bluve.gif 48 dia_bluve.gif Is there a COM or .Net Interface for Vega Primetop

    No, Vega Prime does not have a COM or .NET interface, it would be Windows only.

    Although there is no reason why you could not write you own wrappers for COM, .NET or other similar technology


dia_bluve.gif 49 dia_bluve.gif Does Vega Prime have a TCL/TK Interfacetop


dia_bluve.gif 50 dia_bluve.gif Does Vega PrimeSupport Soundtop

    As of the release of Vega Prime 2.0, Vega Prime now(finally) supports 3d spatial sound in the new vgAudio module.

    Note unlike Vega Classic were MPI wrote all the Audio code, the vgAudio is basically a wrapper around the Open source project OpenAL




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