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Whats environment variable are there for OpenGL Performer

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 22, 2007 8:55 pm    Post subject: Whats environment variable are there for OpenGL Performer Reply with quote

PFPATH A colon separated list of directories in which to find Performer data files:

PFLD_LIBRARY_PATH and PFLD_LIBRARY{N32,64}_PATH A colon separated list of additional directories in which to find database loaders. These directories are searched before LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

PFNFYLEVEL The maximum allowed of OpenGL Performerprint message.
100( uhhmm)

PFROOT Specifies an alternate installation 'root' for Performer files, to allow multiple versions of Performer to be installed on the same system. Use this any time you install Performer to a location other than the root(/).

PFSHAREDSIZE The size (in bytes) of the shared memory arena to create. This size will override any size specified with the pfSharedArenaSize function.

PFSHAREDBASE The address at which to place the shared memory arena. The address specified with this environment variable will override the address specified with pfSharedArenaBase.

_PF_FORCE_MULTIPROCESS The value of this environment variable (interpreted as an integer) overrides the parameter setting of the call to pfMultiprocess. This is useful for changing the multi-processing mode of an executable without a recompile. See man pfMultiprocess for details about parameter values.

PF_LPOINT_BOARD Pretend there is a calligraphic light point board for calligraphic debugging.

PFXDEBUG Turns on X Synchr onization for debugging. Very slow, but helpful if you are exiting with X Errors. Setenv PFXDEBUG 1, dbx the program, breakpoint in exit, run, look at stack trace when stopped.

PFMACHTYPE Force the gfx machine type to be the give token for debugging. Uses the values from /usr/include/sys/invent.h. (IRIX only)

PFASDLODSIZE Set the number of LODs to be constructed in pfASD using routines in pfdBuildASD.c. In general, a value less than 8 runs a lot faster and uses much less space than any value beyond 8

PFTMPDIR sets the temporary directory location

PFMEMDEBUG This variable sets up the trace on pfMemory

PFVIDEORATE Allows the video rate calculation logic tobe overridden with a user-specified value. Use with caution.

PFARENADEBUG This variable sets up tracing on shared arena creation & usage. Set to 1 for basic output, 2 for exhaustive output. (Linux only).

PFCULLSPINCOUNT If DRAW has finished previous frame, wait for DRAW to grab most recent buffer before updating it. This avoids hairy edge problems when the CULL is short and the DRAW wakes up just after the CULL has finished a new buffer.

PF_NO_FATAL_MESSAGEBOX On the Windows operating system, the default behavior of pfNotify when displaying a fatal error is to pop up an error message box. If this variable is set, the message box will not be displayed

__PFTYPEMAGIC Allows changing the value used to detect a pfType header. Under typical operation, this should not be changed. This should be set to a hexadecimal string (e.g. 0xa25d2830b) if pfMemory::getMemory errors are occuring.

PF_MAX_ANISOTROPY an anisotropic filter of the value specified by PF_MAX_ANISOTROPY will be applied to pfTextures that do not set the degree of anisotropy. This is only valid for graphics hardware that support anisotropic texture filtering.

PF_ENABLE_MULTISAMPLE_VISUAL On Irix, Performer will try to ask for a multisample visual by default. On the commodity graphics cards that are often used under Linux, a multisample visual, if available, will cause a significant performance penalty. Therefore, under Linux, Performer does not ask for a multisample visual by default. If this environment variable is set under Linux, Performer will ask for a multisample visual.

_PF_NODE_FIND_REQUIRES_EXACT_TYPE This environment variable can be used to revert the behavior of pfNode::find (also called from within pfNodeLookup) to what it was before being fixed for pf3.0.1. The old behavior would carry out an exact type comparison (pfIsExactType) instead of using pfIsOfType as suggested by the manpages.

PF_FORCE_GUI_REDRAW This environment variable forces redraw of the gui created using libpfutil, used in perfly, for example. The gui disappears under windows on some graphics hardware and setting this environment variable fixes the problem.

PF_USE_VERTEX_BUFFER_OBJECTS By default pfGeoArrays try to use vertex buffer objects. By setting this environment variable to 0, Performer tries to use ATI's vertex array objects, if possible.

PF_MATERIAL_COLOR_COMPARE When pfGeoStates are optimized for single global gstate pfMaterials of all pfGeoStates are compared and collapsed into fewer pfMaterials, if possible. In Performer 3.0 and older, it was assumed that colors are used to change material diffuse and ambient color when color material is on. Thus those colors were ignored when comparing materials. Starting with Performer 3.1 all colors are used to compare pfMaterials because on newer hardware it is not advantageous to use color material mode. You can enable the old approach by setting this environment variable to 0.

_PF_KILL_XINPUT_PROC_ON_EXIT This environment variable can be set in order to override the default mechanism used by Performer for terminating the X-input-collection process fork'ed off by libpfutil, on exiting. The default behavior is to use signalling (ie the X-input process is notified of the death of its parent process and itself exits); However, this can cause system-hangs on RH9 SMP kernels, so an alternative method has been implemented, which consists in explicitely kill-ing the input process from the APP process prior to exit-ing. On SMP Linux kernels with version 2.4.20 or greater, this alternative method is selected by default. Note that this env variable can be set to 0 in order to force the signalling method, or set to 1 in order to force the explicit-kill method on any IRIX or Linux system. This environment variable has no effect on WIN32.

PF_CATCH_SIGINT_AND_EXIT This environment variable can be set in order to instruct Performer to intercept the SIGINT signal (received when user presses <ctrl>C on the shell) and to exit cleanly by calling pfExit. This prevents system freezes on Linux RH9 SMP kernels. By default, SIGINT will be intercepted on SMP Linux kernels with version 2.4.20 or greater. Setting this environment variable to 0 or 1 will override the default behavior on any IRIX and Linux systems. This environment variable has no effect on WIN32

PF_LOADER_FORCE_TESS This environment variable, when set, informs the pfb and csb loaders to tessellate the incoming geometry. When doing so it will use the default value for tessellating surfaces (0.0001) unless specified otherwise via the PF_DEFAULT_TESS_VALUE environment variable. In addition, one can use the ctol and ttol pseudo-loaders to gain finer control over the tessellation parameters and also control whether or not existing geometry should be retesssellated at load time. For more information consult the Programming Guide.

PF_NO_UNCOMPRESSED_TEXTURE By default, the graphics driver on Onyx 4 keeps both compressed and uncompressed copy of each texture. This requires addressing of more memory and it is easy to run out of address space in a 32-bit multi-pipe application. The driver can be forced not to keep the uncompressed copy of each texture and Performer does that. On the other hand, not having the uncompressed copy may cause problems when getImage is called. Thus the user can request the allocation of memory for an uncompressed version of each texture by setting the envi- ronment variable PF_NO_UNCOMPRESSED_TEXTURE to 0.
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